Queen City Pinups combines the classic pinup style of the 40’s and 50’s with the modern ideas of costuming and cosplay.

Ah, the joy of vintage pinups. We are inspired by classical pinup masters such as Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren, whose work graced the nose of many a World War 2 air craft. We blend the fun flirtatious nature of the classic vintage pinups with the allure of comic book super heroes, science fiction sweethearts and fantasy vixens.

Cheesecake, with a side of sexy mayhem.


Our Team

Susan Hubbard, Mallet Mashing Mistress of Mayhem at Queen City Pinups llc

Susan Hubbard

Mallet Mashing Mistress of Mayhem


Bob Hubbard, Renegade Time Lord at Queen City Pinups llc

Bob Hubbard

Renegade Time Lord

Photographer / Webmaster

Bringing years of professional photography experience to the table, Bob & Susan will guide you through a fun filled pin up experience.  From classic poses, to modern camp, you’ll have a great time at Queen City Pinups.

USO Harley Quinn pinup model
1940's style sailor girl pinup
Metal Bikini Leia Pinup

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sample of 3 look, 3 set pinup session at Queen City Pinups, Buffalo NY

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