Queen City Pinups 2018 Brand Ambassador Search

Queen City Pinups is looking for 1 to 2 awesome ladies to be part of our 2018 Ambassador program.

What is a Queen City Ambassador you may ask?  It’s simple.  You are an outgoing, positive individual who loves being a pin up girl who is going to scream like you just got out of Arkham about how great a time you have shooting with Queen City Pinups. In return, you’ll get a lot of really cool things. Not as cool as your very own Death Star, but still pretty cool.

We are looking for 1 to 2 outgoing, confident, social-media savvy women to be our public faces for the 2018 season. Applicants should be over 21 with active social media presence and a large local circle. Our ideal people are body-positive, passionate, outgoing & personable women who will be proud to show off their photos, and rave about us to their friends and social circles. You –must– believe in what we do here at Queen City Pinups. You will be representing our brand and what we stand for, and be an inspiration to other women to experience personalized portrait sessions with us. Sessions that they will have a great time at, and see themselves in fun, uplifting and empowering ways.

Luxury Glamour Portraits at Queen City Pinups in Buffalo NY

What’s in it for you?

If you are selected for this opportunity, you’ll get free photo shoots and limited free digital images, plus branded social media images, discounted products, and commissions for booked referrals. We want to be a team, so we’re investing in each other.

  • Free sessions while you are an active Ambassador. (Over $2,250 value. A GREAT way to get your Pin-Up groove on!)
  • Limited High Res images at no charge (A $245 value)
  • Personal App with your 20 favorite images. (A $250 value)
  • Branded Social Media images
  • A customized Facebook profile picture and cover picture showing your status as a QCP Ambassador.
  • Discounts on additional sessions and products.
  • Branded QCP Stuff like tee shirts, jackets, etc when available.
  • Access to a VIP group.
  • Referral Cards. These will help you promote your experience, get credit for your referrals and get the ladies you refer discounts on their session.
  • Quarterly bonuses & incentives. (Fun things. Cool things.)
  • and most importantly, commissions on confirmed referrals.

Wait…Commissions? You mean, like money?


Each confirmed referral (meaning they booked, and paid for a session, and gave us your name) gets you $50 in product credits you can use towards your own sessions and products, OR a $50 gift card good at your choice of several vendors such as Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Amazon, Victoria’s Secret and more.

  • $50 for each confirmed referral. (booked, and paid session)

  • $100 Bonus at 10 confirmed referrals.

  • $200 Bonus when your 20th referral books.

  • Quarterly contests and bonus prizes.

Sounds pretty cool right?  Told ya, almost as good as your own Death Star.

Oh yeah: There is NO LIMIT to the number of referrals!  

Sexy Pirate at Queen City Pinups 2017 Halloween Spooktacular

So what do I have to do to Qualify to be an QCP Ambassador?

We have a few things we’re looking for here.

  • Must be 21 or older
  • Must be female.
  • Must be reliable.
  • Must live in the Buffalo NY area, or be willing to travel to our WNY studio at your own expense.
  • Must commit to doing 1 shoot per month. (Estimated 2 hrs per session)
  • Must be personable, body positive, passionate, extroverted, outgoing, and at least partially sane. (Hey, we’re kinda crazy fun types y’know?)
  • You’ll do pinups, cosplay, glamour and boudoir sessions,  so must be comfortable posing in silly costumes, sexy lingerie, or sometimes nothing at all.
  • Must be active on social media.
  • Must be willing to –actively– participate on our social media pages and rep our brand on your own social media, as well as in person at studio events and expos.
  • Must be willing to sign a model release and be ok with being tagged/tag yourself in social media posts and share content.
  • Must be comfortable in posing in fun, flirty, goofy ways.
  • Able to meet Bob & Susan in person for coffee to discuss what being an QCP Ambassador is all about, and brainstorm so that you can rock it.
  • Be able to commit to being active for at least 6 months. Each ambassador term is 6-8 months, and you may be reselected for additional terms if you’re successful.
  • Must be able to attend a quarterly Team Meeting (we’ll spring for the pizza & wings) to discuss ideas, share stories, swap tips and in general get to know each other better so we all can be awesome!

Some things to keep in mind.

  • How do you feel about friends and family seeing your photos?  Your significant other? If you’re not comfortable, this may not be for you.
  • Be realistic. How many people can you refer? If you’re struggling to think of people, again, might not be a good fit.
  • How outgoing are you really? If you have trouble talking to the cashier at Denny’s, this might not be something for you.

Sexy Musketeer at Queen City Pinups 2017 Halloween Spooktacular

Who we are NOT looking for?

We’re not looking for just anyone. We’re seeking that person or persons who will be our raving fan, crazied and excited cheerleader, and muse.

  • We are not looking for models who are just interested in building their own portfolios. If that’s what you’re looking for, drop us an email and ask to be put on our model list.
  • We are not looking for someone to take the free sessions and vanish. This program is worth over $6,000, so please only apply if you’re serious.
  • We’re not looking for someone to take a bunch of cards, walk through the mall and pass them out to passers by. That’ll only get us in trouble, and you possibly banned from the mall.
  • We’re not looking for someone to spam groups, boards, forums, and pages. Again, it only gets us all in trouble.
  • We’re not looking for anyone to cold call businesses and just leave cards behind. Honestly, we could do that ourselves for a lot less effort and cost.

What do I have to do as a Brand Ambassador?

  • Be a positive person, online and in person.  Because you’ll be representing Queen City Pinups, it’s very important that you are positive, body positive, respectful and fun to be around.
  • You’ll make it to scheduled photo sessions and events on time, and ready to rock them.
  • You’ll actively and regularly share our promotions, offers and posts on your social media accounts to spread the word about us.
  • You’ll share what we do with people you know and refer them to us. We make it easy by giving you branded cards with one of your favorite images on it.  Takes the guess work out of ‘who referred you’.
  • Follow/Like our pages, actively like/share our posts, and participate in conversations on them.
  • You’ll help out with expos, events, trade shows and conventions.
  • Bring friends/family to your viewing/ordering sessions so they can see what we do, and how much fun it is.

Are there any fees?

There is no fee to apply. The only expected fee is a $100 booking fee for your first session. The booking fee is applied to your product order at your viewing and ordering session. It is non-refundable if you cancel, not redeemable for cash and if you don’t wish to purchase anything at your viewing session the credit is not transferable to a later session or other party. Sessions are booked based upon studio availability. There may be a few cases, depending on what we (you and us) come up with for shoot ideas, where additional costs occur but those will be discussed ahead of time (hair/makeup/props/location fees).

Sexy Vampire at Queen City Pinups 2017 Halloween Spooktacular

Does this involve nudity?

We don’t post nudes online, but some ideas might require some level of nudity to do. 99.5% won’t. We respect your limits and work with you to make sure what we shoot is acceptable to you. If this is a concern, apply, and we can discuss in more detail.

So How Do I Apply?

Simply Click Here to Fill Out the Application.

All entries will be reviewed by our review committee. We will let you know within a few days if you’ve been accepted for an interview.
At your interview we will go over the program details more, and discuss what we expect from you, and what we are offering.

(Please also send us a message on Facebook to let us know you submitted an application. This way we can make sure to follow up with you just incase something hiccups or the spam-filter-monster decides your message is extra yummy and doesn’t share it with us.)
You can send a friend request to Bob & Susan as well as follow/like our Facebook & Instagram pages. This will improve our ability to network, communicate and coordinate.

We look forward to hearing from you, and making a lot of awesome fun pinup art together.

Brand ambassadorship will run from May 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018.