While we love doing fun and flirty pinups, sometimes you want something a little more. A little more pampering, a little more glamour, a little more attention. Why not? You’re worth it and you deserve it. Queen City Pinups strives to offer you The Best photography experience possible. Call it “Glamour”, call it “Boudoir”, “Fashion”, “Beauty”. Doesn’t matter, we call it a portrait. A Luxury Portrait.

We start out with a personalized design consultation. You’re Unique. So we will discuss what you are looking for, and plan the perfect session.  We will take the time to really understand how you want to be photographed and craft a session that is individually tailored to you.

We include professional hair and makeup by a NYS Licensed Professional Stylist so that you can feel pampered, gorgeous and confident that you look your best.

During your session we will guide you through your poses, so don’t worry about having to crash course “America’s Next Model” before hand. We’ll show you how to stand, sit, or even wave your hands in the air like you don’t care. It’s all fun, so relax, smile and just have fun. Multiple wardrobe and background changes ensure we show your different sides.

A few weeks after your session you’ll enjoy a personal viewing and ordering session. We’re not going to just put a million pictures up on a web gallery and let you stumble around. We’ll meet in person and share in the Oohs and Ahhs as you see your beautiful portraits. Everything is fully retouched so you don’t have to worry. You decide what you purchase and you only purchase what you love. We’re there to guide you through the options and are there to help you pick the perfect prints, albums, wall art and folio collection. With every product you purchase, you also will receive the digital file.

Our Luxury Sessions Start At $295, and images framed on the wall start at $145. Folio Box Collections start at $900, and the average client spends $1,695. What you spend is entirely up to you.

We offer a number of options for you to experience. Want to do something special with someone special?  Want a Couples Session with your SO? How about a Girls Night Out with your Bestie?  Mommy and Me with your own beautiful daughter? How about with your beautiful mom?  How about the family, or a generations portrait? We even do Personal Branding. From the beginner to the veteran, we want to be your studio.


it will change the way you see yourself.

-Bob & Susan Hubbard

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Luxury Portraits at Queen City Pinups in Buffalo NY
Luxury Glamour Portraits at Queen City Pinups in Buffalo NY
Luxury Boudoir Portraits at Queen City Pinups in Buffalo NY
Luxury Custom Portraits at Queen City Pinups in Buffalo NY